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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEEP CONDITIONING , HAIR TREATMENTS & HAIR MASKS 1.DEEP CONDITIONING Is a process of replenishing moisture loose into your hair due to daily styling. Usually applied to hair for 1hr to over night, by placing a plastic cup over your hair under a dryer of natural body heat. This moisture replenishment should last you long provided you do it as often as your hair needs it, in-turn your should see length retention a good growth. DIY Deep Conditioners - eggs, Avocado, yogurt, Honey, papayas, Banana"s 2. HAIR TREATMENT A hair treatment is anything and everything you do in between deep conditioning and applying hair masks. Leave-in treatments/ detangles / leave in conditioners are a good example. These products help to smooth the cuticles and remove knots, tangles easily and instantly but don't necessary replenish moisture for long as much as deep conditioning .They can be applied to wet or dry hair in between washes to maintain your moisture. 3.HAIR MASK This can be compared to a facial mask but just for hair .A hair mask shapes up imbalances in the hair. This is often compared to deep conditioners however with hair mask you tend to only apply them for a short while and then wash them off. We call it a quick fix, preferably with with silk protein, lots ,moisturizing ingredients

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