Kipilipili Basic hair tools

Whether relaxed, natural, transitioning, texturized, kinky, curly, coloured or cut, there are some supplies everyone should have in their haircare arsenal.

  1. Old Big T-shirt - use this instead of a towel to minimize frizz

  2. Plastic Bag - for your hot treatment days

  3. Butterfly Clamps/ Clips - for hair separation during detangling/ washing

  4. Spray Bottle - for spraying your hair in between styles, when detangling

  5. Bobby Pins - for holding in desired styles

  6. Wide Tooth Comb - for detangling hair on wash days. This is a good tool for type 4 hair

  7. Denmanbrush- for detangling your hair. This is a good tool for type 2-3 hair to use once hair is fully saturated in detangler

  8. Satin Silk Scarf/ Bonnet/ Pillow - to maintain moisture in hair while sleeping and minimizing frizz

Photo :ssamomedia Models: Ziada Gigi | Basia Wellu


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