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Kipilipili joined forces with Mimosa Concierge to give you the benefit of getting a Kipilipili Goody Bag when you first get a Mimosa card. The Bags comes in two colors, plain brown and batiki with willow bark tree material that is very rare to find. With its unique design and easy cleaning, you will be able to keep your natural hair products organized and hustle free.

With the Mimosa card, you can get just the bag or a bag with goodies worth TZS 65,000 . You can also purchase the bags direct from us. For your orders, email us or WhatsApp +255759092368 with your name, product description, delivery location and email.

Deliveries on Monday, Wednesday , Friday.

Stock is limited. T&C’s apply.

For more on Kipilipili Bags click here

Photography: Manifester brand

Graphics: Basia Wellu

Model: Ziada Gigi

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