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Buildup from hair products can cause your curls to become dry, frizzy, limp and lifeless. Clarifying shampoos work to remove the build up in your hair without stripping your hair of essential oils. They help to give you a clean slate for your next big hairstyle and are highly preferred over shampoos that are full of sulfates. Use our clarifying shampoos about once a month to gently remove product buildup and unwanted impurities - adding bounce, shine and health to your hair. (Brands: Sheamoisture, kinky curly, Aunt Jackies, Design Essentials, Cream of nature, etc) CLEANSING SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER

Cleansing conditioners take the place of your shampoo and conditioner, gently cleaning and nourishing your curls and leaving your hair healthy and manageable without the lather caused by harsh ingredients. Cleansing conditioners are perfect for those wash days when you feel that even a sulfate-free shampoo just isn't moisturising enough. The best cleansing conditioners will have good slip and will leave your hair feeling clean without the squeaky clean feeling that traditional shampoos leave. Most importantly, a good cleansing conditioner should leave your hair feeling soft. (Example as i am cowash, washing pudding, sheamoisture, Aunt Jackies, Giovani, As I Am, Marini naturals) SHAMPOO BARS

A healthier, natural version to shampoo, the shampoo bar is a special bar created with ingredient that cleans with out stripping our natural hair oils. (shea by asal, Obia Naturals , Oyin Handmade, Bobeam shea honey Bar, etc)


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