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Every 25th May, African Day is widely celebrated by Africans across the globe. So what does this day mean to us?

Here at Kipilipili, this day means loving and embracing who we are.

Empowering and encouraging women to set themselves free from the international beauty standards and we feel this is a cause worth celebrating. “Thamini Asili Yako”

Do you ever get asked this question, "Is that your real hair?"

Here are some of the most annoying questions we've been asked and comments we've heard...

Basia Wellu: I think the most annoying comment for me would be “Because you are mixed that’s why you have good hair.” And sometimes I would be in a shopping mall and someone just decides to pull my hair to check if it’s real.

Ziada Gigi: Ever since I went natural I think the most annoying comments for me would be, “Nywele zako nzuri kwasababu sio kipilipili,” “Si kata tu hizo nywele,” and the one that takes the award is when I go to the salons and the stylists will tell me to palm my hair because it hurts when they braid.

Hair is a way to express your views and your personality, so to celebrate #AfricaDay, let’s change the narrative of how beauty is perceived and embrace our roots.

Photo Credit: Manifester Brand

Stylist : Basia Wellu

Jewelry : Kuskusjewels

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