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As naturalistas, we are constantly obsessed with how long we want our hair to be. That’s great but this becomes a story of the chicken and an egg, what came first?

Before you transition or chop your hair, put down your goals. Is it hair length or healthy hair?

Most of us choose long hair. However, in order to get to long hair, you must feed it and make it healthy first.

When you make the decision to go natural, you should have a plan. That plan should be to make your hair healthier instead of transfixing with hair length.

Stop obsessing – So you have a naturalista you are following. Her hair is shoulder length, full, beautiful etc. You should inspire to get there but don’t obsess to a point you are only five months in and already measuring the length of your hair. What tends to happen is you stop listening to your hair and start questioning why your hair is not growing. Did you stop to think perhaps you and the naturalista you idolize so much have different hair types?

Don’t be a product junkie - Just because a product works for your friend doesn’t mean it will work for you. Know your hair, listen to its needs and use products that work for your hair and only change a product when it’s not responding to your hair. Don’t change a product just because it’s not giving you instant growth. Your hair is not instant noodles!

Stop comparing your hair with others – Comparing your hair to others make you develop a negative attitude which contributes to you uglifying your own hair. If you choose to start this journey, prepare mentally and be positive. Embrace every length, every shrinkage and every step you take towards your goal.

All in or all out – Should you decide to go natural, don’t treat your hair as a part time job. Because you don’t take the time to care for your hair properly and want quick fixes, you end up being frustrated. Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

Stop complaining about wash day – Don’t be that naturalista with a sequel of wash day horror stories. Treat your wash day as a happy day or at least try because your hair can hear you (chuckles). Put on some Solange album and enjoy your wash day.

You want that length, you have to work for it and be patient. Every person’s hair grows at its own pace, some hair grows fast and some slow. Some will take them a year to reach shoulder length and some eight years. Know your hair, kill the frustration, healthy hair should be your goal and let your hair grow at its own pace.

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