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Accentuating your hairstyles with accessories

We teamed up with Java Studios and Rehema Samo, Tanzania’s acclaimed hair and make-up artist to work on a “Accentuate Your Style” project. The aim of the project was to showcase different ways of styling natural hair using extensions, scarves and floral accessories.

Images: Java Studios

We also got to try out Afro Clipin hair extensions from Waves and Lengths Hair. They gave us a few 4C extensions clips to try out and review.

Image: Java Studios || Hair by Waves & Lengths Hair

What we loved about the extensions was that once you clip them on they blend in naturally with your own hair and the best part is that they are natural (literal sense), easy to clip in and you can wash and moisturise them as you would do your own hair and the curls will bounce back like how it was before washing. These extensions are definitely recommended if you'd love to add volume, length or if you simply want to emphasise on a hairstyle.

Get creative and turn heads around with your hairstyles. You can get the floral clips from our shop. For more information about Afro Clippin Hair Extension, email us

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