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Our chat with Rapid Learning Africa

This was our first ever Live Insta Chat interview with Rapid Learning Africa, an education focused company based in Namibia that helps people build successful corporate careers and businesses. We conversed about entrepreneurship and natural hair and beauty industry in Tanzania.

Speaking to Christine Thikusho, founder of Rapid Learning Africa, she was curious to find out about what are some of the items that we tick off when planning for our annual Kipilipili Expo. One of the tips we can give is that always start your plans early, know the theme, communication strategy, who you are targeting as a partner and don't drop the ball no matter how tired you get pre and post event.

In understanding how we go about choosing a business partner, we believe in a business partner who is honest and has business integrity. At the end of the day in business it's all about both parties profiting from the partnership hence choosing the right partner for us is our biggest priority.

Natural hair industry in Tanzania is still a growing market and our aim as Kipilipili is to push its growth and making sure that we are able to compete with the international markets. And that is something we are truly striving to do.

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