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Image by: Kynetics Studios

Months of preparation and excitement mounting, the D-day arrived and we were ready for our second annual Kipilipili Expo, a natural hair and beauty event that brings together people and fans from all walks of life to celebrate our natural crowns and appreciate our natural beauty. This was a great day for naturalistas to fill their bags with products, accessories, sample beauty products, win goodie bags and network and connect with the like-minded community.

This year we celebrated everything local, encouraging people to love and embrace products that are locally made and everything African. By doing so we are not just growing our natural hair and beauty industry but also pushing our locally made products popularity to the world so we can also start competing with the international market.

The most exciting part for us this year was the awards, where we awarded Best brand, Best Stylist, Best Salon and Best Barbershop for the year 2018.

We would like to thank all our sponsors; Mandevu, Pixedon, Hellela Group, Bombadier Gin and Kynetics Media for their support. Also to all the vendors who were able to participate this year, without forgetting the Good bag sponsors.

We are already excited and planning for our third annual event to be held in 2019. Keep following our pages for information and updates or click here to contact us for more info

We Also captured our journey on the day for you to see all the behind the scenes footage before the D'day. for all the videos click here.

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