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Nikiwe celebrates creative hair art with Kipilipili

Image: Kynetics Studios

We were privileged to have collaborated with Nikiwe Dlova, South Africa’s own Creative Hair Artist, Stylist and founder of Own UR crown, a Hair Street Culture platform that showcases freedom of hair expression in individuals, art and media productions. Nikiwe a.k.a @nix_indamix on Instagram, exhibited her art at the Kipilipili Expo 2018 and graced the audience with her threading capabilities during the expo.

Image: Java Studios


Image: @nix_indamix

So who is Nikiwe Dlova?

Nikiwe loves to describe herself as a hair artist who expresses herself through creative hair styles and headpieces that are mostly showcased by performing artists, models and different magazines to accentuate the hair in a more artistic way. She specialises in threading and uses a lot of multi coloured acrylic yarns, an inspiration that she says comes from a strong desire to change people’s perception about artistic hair styles, encouraging them to embrace and express themselves through colourful creative styles.

Through her platform Own Ur Crown, Nikiwe motivates especially women to embrace their natural hair, use their crowns to express themselves and be more bold with their hair styles.

Here's a short interview we did with her! Click here to watch.


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