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What the theme “Wakanda Forever” means to the natural hair movement

We recently attended The Rotary Goat Races 2018, an annual charity event that takes place in Dar es Salaam. The vibe was amazing, people were dressed up in their fancy outfits going with this year’s theme, “Wakanda Goat Are You?”

Image: @kipilipili.comtz

So it got us thinking, wakanda vibes do we get from this year’s theme?

“Embracing our culture and expressing ourselves through natural hair”

Being a natural is all about self-expression. The film “Black Panther” gave us that extra oomph to carry our message and push the natural hair movement forward.

The awareness created by this film has propelled the natural hair movement to another level, where women are now more confident to wear their crowns proudly and owning their natural beauty.

We applaud the “Wakanda Forever” movement and believe this goes hand in hand with what the natural movement in Tanzania and across the globe is trying to achieve. We are hoping to see more women in the film industry rock their natural hair in a way to keep spreading the word that beauty isn’t what the media portrays and rather as women we illustrate and define what beauty means to us individually.

We have an incredible opportunity to change the perception of beauty starting with embracing our cultures and owning our crowns.


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