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Myth: Natural hair products are expensive, unavailable, lack in variety and not easily accessible in East Africa.

When we started our natural hair journey about 6 years ago, it was hard to find natural hair products that catered for our hair especially in Tanzania. However, for the past three years, we’ve seen locally sourced and produced East African products mushrooming into the mainstream stores giving us naturalistas access to more affordable products made specifically for our natural hair. We can now safely say we are spoilt for choices!

There are a lot of products out there that we are yet to try and we believe it is time to trust in our own, try what is made from our own resources and #BuyEALocalbrands. Here are some of the brands made by East Africans that we have tried and tested.

Nuya’s Essence (Tanzania)

Get most if not all your essential oils from this brand with a shop based in Zanzibar. They also have Raw Shea Butter great for body and hair. Their products come in variety of sizes and tropical scents, you should give it a try.

This company has a variety of products for body and hair. One product that stood out for us was the M’cado 3in1 conditioner. If your kipilipili needs a pick me up, this 3in1 conditioner is your money’s worth. It provides a deep conditioning treatment, detangles your hair and can be used as a co-wash leaving your hair super-soft and manageable.

Sourced and produced in Uganda, Kentaro brand has all you need for your natural hair in shampoos, conditioners (leave in and deep treatments) butters and oils. We were so fascinated in AvoGhee Intense Hydration Mask we had to try it. Ghee has been used for centuries for hair growth and why not try this treatment for shiny and frizz free hair.

They produce cold pressed and organic coconut, avocado and castor oil. A lot of us love and have vast knowledge on coconut oil, but did you know that avocado oil eliminates dandruff and dry scalp?

A brand based on products for both hair and body, including shampoo bars, bentonite clay, body soap bars ,hair growth stimulating oil and a variety of hair butters. Kipilipili's current personal favourites are the bentonite clay due to the detoxifying abilities for both hair and face. And Bu.Ke’s raw shea butter mixes (curling creams) that are ideal for extra dry hair or for styling and restyling.These products come in various sizes and with great natural smells to choose from.

With raw shea butter known to have amazing benefits and increasingly becoming popular in Africa, Awali’s Shea Butter unique selling point is its promise of quality and high standards in the Shea butter industry. And luckily we can attest to that as this pure, unrefined shea butter is soft, superior and best natural moisturizer.

They produce organic castor and sesame oil. We love how castor oil can be very beneficial for hair growth if used correctly. However, apart from being able to cook with sesame oil, this oil has remarkable reviews on its benefits on hair growth and maintaining scalp health.

This brand caters for all our natural hair needs from shampoo, leave in conditioners to curling butter, spritzers and gels. If you don’t have time to do your hair every day and are looking to have defined curls, Marini Curl Magic Curling Gel does the magic. Not only does it define your curls but it also moisturizes them when used correctly.

Debnaturals products are perfect for type 4 hair, this brand has Hydrating Therapy Spritzer, Deep Conditioner, Raw Shea Butter and Growth Oils in their product line. Highlighting the deep conditioner, it’s an oil based deep conditioner with ingredients such as Aloe Vera and honey. This product is great for repairing your hair, restoring its curls and making it softer.

With everything made from shea butter, Livara products for hair consist of shampoo bars, 2 in 1 conditioners, moisturizing shampoos, hair food and their signature oil called Livara Tanzanite which has a blend of pure unrefined shea butter, castor oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil and cinnamon. For those with itching, dandruff, breaking and thinning hair, hard and difficult to comb and stunted growth this is your miracle oil.

This company specialises in manufacturing and producing virgin coconut oil ideal for cosmetics making, direct use such as for hair and skin care. Their coconut oil is made without any excessive heat, chemicals or bleaches from the finest coconuts in Tanzania. This oil is ideal for new born babies, Pre-poo for hair before shampooing and Part of the L.O.C Method. We can safely say that it is a superior product that it worth while investing in.

The above brands are just a fraction of how many other brands are available in East Africa. This will be a perfect opportunity to get to know, learn more and try these locally owned products. Time to love and appreciate what’s made from home. Let’s love and #BuyEALocalbrands.

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